Branding November 10, 2023

Protein butter

Leveraging a vibrant peanut illustration and a focus on sustainability, Senso Creative designed packaging that perfectly captures the essence of this healthy vegan peanut butter. Senso Creative brought their playful and earthy design touch to craft eye-catching packaging for a delicious new vegan peanut butter.


Packaging and branding for frozen products producer.

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    Brand strategy, Packaging

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    Packaging Design

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01 // Project overview

Design creative and engaging packaging for a new vegan peanut butter brand.

Senso Creative developed a playful and earth-conscious design aesthetic for the peanut butter packaging. This approach targeted health-conscious consumers and vegans, while also highlighting the product’s natural ingredients and commitment to sustainability.

Key Design Elements:

  • Vibrant peanut character illustration
  • Earthy color palette with recycled cardboard packaging
  • Transparent window showcasing the product
  • Clear and concise messaging emphasizing vegan and health benefits
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