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Premium packaging design

At the heart of Senso’s mission lies a commitment to delivering comprehensive support to clients across every stage of the packaging design and marketing process. Beyond the realm of packaging design, Senso extends its services to encompass print management, ensuring that each project is meticulously handled from conception to realization, ultimately delivering a polished, market-ready product.

How we do it

Print management support

Our experienced designers and consultants will guide the packaging design process for your brands from presenting 3D product preview to the fully finished packaging and ready for exhibiting in sales points. Professional print management will ensure only top-quality results and provide cost optimization for your packaging.

Cooperating with the most prominent packaging printers in region, the Senso team is always at the spot when doing first series. We make sure our design matches the desired product model.

Where Precision Meets Packaging

At Senso Creative, we understand the power of exceptional printing in bringing your packaging vision to life. That’s why we leverage the combined strengths of flexography and rotogravure printing, coupled with our commitment to color management and quality control, to deliver unparalleled results and cost optimization.

Our team of skilled professionals possesses the expertise to carefully manage color throughout the entire printing process. We employ a unique workflow that utilizes specific calibration curves and specialized techniques, ensuring the final printed product faithfully reproduces what you see on your display and in color proofs.

Packaging design and Flexible packaging print outsourcing

Our collaborative packaging design process prioritizes client input, delivers premium quality, and optimizes production for cost-effectiveness and timely completion.

Food and Beverage

Elevate your brand and protect your products with our expert food and beverage packaging printing and production.

Cosmetics & Household
Products Packaging

Unleash the power of premium packaging printing and production for products like toilet paper, kitchen towels, sanitary pads, wet wipes or similar.

Sports Nutrition
Products Packaging

Elevate your brand and protect your products with our expert food and beverage packaging printing and production.

Senso production support

Flexible packaging print management


Packaging Design & Consultancy

Our team of packaging specialists offers comprehensive support, ensuring your product stands out on the shelf and delivers a seamless user experience.


Pre- and Post-press Management

Seamless packaging solutions, from initial concept to final delivery. We handle everything, ensuring your vision becomes reality.


Print &
Color Management

Rest assured, we deliver superior printing with guaranteed color consistency, adhering to rigorous X-rate benchmarks.


Material &

Navigate the complexities of material selection and manufacturing with our expert advice. We ensure your packaging meets all technical requirements and delivers optimal results.


We guide you through format options and feature choices to find the perfect fit for your product. From rotogravure to flexography – optimizing costs and production flexibility.


Supply Chain

Focus on your business, we’ll handle the logistics. We manage lead times and international shipping with care, ensuring your products arrive reliably.

Your One-Stop Shop for Packaging Excellence

From concept to shelf, we empower you to build your own brand identity with expert support for private label products.

  • Production Partner Matching: We source the perfect manufacturer based on your needs, ensuring quality and cost-effectiveness.
  • Product Development: Collaborate with our team to refine your vision and bring your unique product to life.
  • Packaging Design & Printing: Create impactful packaging that resonates with your target audience and reflects your brand story.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Navigate complex regulations and ensure your product meets all safety and labeling requirements.
  • Logistics & Fulfillment: Streamline your supply chain with efficient delivery solutions to get your product to market quickly.

Uncompromising quality

Uncompromising quality is paramount to us. We utilize only the highest-grade materials and cutting-edge printing technologies, partnering with the most advanced printing houses in the region. This unwavering dedication guarantees vibrant, consistent colors, exceptional detail, and a truly premium finish for your packaging.

With Senso Creative, you can be confident that your brand’s message will be conveyed with utmost clarity and impact. We take the guesswork out of the printing process, allowing you to focus on what matters most – creating a product that resonates with your customers.


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