Packaging Design September 9, 2017

Wine packaging

New brand and packaging design concept for Villa Solmino Wine brand. We created unique visual applicable to specific paper type and printing techniques. Additionally, the Senso team is developing a communication strategy for brand development, including marketing materials and digital presence.


Creation of new brand visual and packaging design. Advertising materials design and production, digital communications development.

  • Strategy

    Design Direction, Printing Type, Market Research

  • Design

    Packaging Design, Print Prepress, Special Printing Techniques

  • Client

    Villa Solmino

01 // Project overview

Consumer products branding

Specialized in consumer products branding & packaging design, we help our clients to build brands and connect with their target market segments. With more than 900 succesfull product launches, our experienced team leads every project through several stages with one final goal – to create product packaging that stands out in retailer’s shelves and raise sales. That is why our product design workflow includes experts from different fields so we can provide full service: from marketreasearch and first 3d design previews to print management and final packaged product that is high up to the standards.

Besides packaging design, we help our clients build brands by creating visuals and designing other forms of marketing communications that include identity design and branding, professional photography production, advertising campaign, digital media and web design and etc.

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