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We integrate strategies, creativity & production to create effective advertising

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Premium quality derived from synergy of experience and artistic creativity



Effective packaging design strategy comprises creative design solutions specifically tailored to the target market group and packaging type.

Our team will guide your product launch project from design prototype to packaging printing process.



Marketin & Advertising
Graphic Design

Every communication touchpoint with stakeholders is essential for building a brand and developing advertising strategies. Working together with clients and our advertising experts, we are implementing brand image in any promotional material.

We create synergy by developing adverts, billboards, catalogues, brochures, banners, and other marketing communication tools in the same artistic direction and professional produciton.


Strategy &

Building brand requires thinking up ahead in order to develop your communications and establish connections with clients. In highly competitive surrounding, marketing communications can be essential element for a success, and need to be carefully planed and organized.

Combining academic approach and experience, we research and create efficient strategies that will shape you product or service life cycle.


Photo & Video

Inspiring advertising campaigns need premium photography and video production. Our experienced creative team can produce top-level imagery in fashion, beauty, real estate, corporate or any other advertising segment. We pay attention to all details in our creative workflow, including shooting location management and organisation, model management, postproduction, and high-end colour grading.


Brand & Identity

To create a premium brand image, we implement communication strategies that turn colours and shapes into vital customers’ memories.  

Producing every detail with passion, Senso designers will create synchronized visual systems for your brand, giving it a unique personality.     


Web Design &
Digital Marketing

Development of digital world has made marketing communications a two-way process that is interactive and tailored for different participants. Traditional media are converging to a completely new way of public involvement – modern consumer is not any more passive receiver of media information, but he or she actively searches for preferred content.

Communication personalization is essential for brand evolvement in digital world. We design digital communications for our clients which are in synergy with marketing strategies.


Packaging printing Management

Packaging design is a complex process and consists of several stages that we manage carefully. One of the critical points is the final print process, which can be a complex issue especially in flexography and rotogravure printing jobs.

Our experienced designers and consultants will guide the packaging design process for your brands from presenting 3D product preview to the fully finished packaging and ready for exhibiting in sales points. Professional print management will ensure only top-quality results and provide cost optimization for your packaging.

Cooperating with the most prominent packaging printers in region, the Senso team is always at the spot when doing first series. We make sure our design matches the desired product model.


Using new technologies for advanced marketing communication

How we do it

A synergy of marketing expertise and creativity

We use creativity combined with methodological marketing communication approach to assemble visual graphic elements, photos, colors and letters in to a powerful company image. Designing all the necessary visual identity forms and strategies, we succeeded in branding your company or service and making it valuable at the market.


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