Branding September 2, 2023

Polar Frozen Fish

Senso Creative dives into the world of frozen fish with innovative packaging that makes a splash in the aisle. Our design goes beyond the expected, enticing consumers with visuals that capture the freshness and variety within.


Packaging and branding for frozen products producer.

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    Brand strategy, Packaging

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    Packaging Design

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01 // Project overview

Catching eyes on ice: Senso Creative reimagines frozen fish packaging

Key Features:

  • Eye-Catching Appeal: We ditch the tired clichés with captivating designs that entice consumers to explore the delicious possibilities within.
  • Freshness First: Our visuals communicate the quality and vibrancy of the fish, ensuring shoppers they’re getting a premium product.
  • Varietal Storytelling: Each package tells a story, highlighting the unique characteristics and ideal uses of the specific fish.
  • Sustainable Solutions: Senso Creative prioritizes eco-friendly materials and responsible printing practices, ensuring our packaging is as good for the planet as it is for your plate.
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