Branding Digital August 18, 2023


Crazy Nutrition demands packaging as bold and innovative as its name. We craft dynamic designs that fuel excitement, communicate clear benefits, and stand out on the shelf. From eye-catching colors and powerful imagery to functional features and eco-conscious materials, we create packaging that reflects your brand’s unwavering commitment to performance and sustainability.


Branding for sports nutrition products.

  • Strategy

    Brand strategy, Product positioning, Sports nutrition segment

  • Design

    Packaging design, 3D

  • Client


01 // Project overview

Indulge in the Infinite: Introducing Infinito Gelato's Digital Marketing Campaign

Embrace the artisanal gelato experience with Infinito Gelato, where handcrafted flavors meet digital connection. We’re embarking on a dynamic digital marketing campaign to unveil the unique world of Infinito Gelato and transport you to a haven of pure indulgence.

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