3D Packaging Design February 2, 2024

Oro Juice

Oro Juices sought packaging that reflected their commitment to natural, high-quality ingredients. We delivered through a minimalist design approach, showcasing the product’s purity and elegance.

Key elements:

  • Textured paper: We employed high-quality textured paper, adding tactility and a sense of naturalness to the packaging.
  • Gold foil accents: Subtle gold foil details elevate the design, hinting at the premium quality of the juice within.
  • Minimalist typography and layout: Clean lines and simple fonts emphasize clarity and allow the product to speak for itself.

This design ensures that Oro Juices stand out on the shelf, conveying their commitment to quality and appealing to the modern, discerning consumer.


Branding and packaging design for fruit juices product line.

  • Strategy

    Brand strategy, Product positioning

  • Design

    Packaging design, 3D

  • Client


01 // Project overview

Oro: Design that Captures the Essence of Nature's Bounty

Oro, meaning “gold” in Roman languages, symbolizes the pristine quality and rich taste of their natural juices. Our packaging design project aims to mirror this essence, capturing the pureness and vibrancy of nature in every detail.

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