Agroglobe is one of the biggest agriculture companies in Serbia and a part of MK Group. For several years already, the Senso team is designing all marketing communications materials for this company. Besides standard advertising materials like catalogues, billboards, and advertisements, the project included design for exhibition fairs and website development.


Brand identity design, real estate photography and website development.

  • Strategy

    Identity design concept, Marketing Communications Concept

  • Design

    Web Site Development, Stationery Design, Graphic Design

  • Client

    Agroglobe / MK Group

01 // Project overview

Digital Experience

Development of digital world has made marketing communications a two-way process that is interactive and tailored for different participants. Traditional media are converging to a completely new way of public involvement – modern consumer is not any more passive receiver of media information, but he or she actively searches for preferred content.

Communication personalization is essential for brand evolvement in digital world. We design digital communications for our clients which are in synergy with marketing strategies.

02 // Project overview

Corporate Branding

Adding value to company image means sending more efficient message to all your stakeholders, that will create and maintain brand awareness. We use creativity combined with methodological marketing communication approach to assemble visual graphic elements, photos, colors and letters in to a powerful company image. Designing all the necessary visual identity forms and strategies, we succeeded in branding your company or service and making it valuable at the market.

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