Fresh is one of the leading cosmetic brands in Serbia. Senso team redesigned the complete Fresh product line. Due to various types of packaging design and many single SKUs, we created a new modern packaging design that can be applicable in flexography or any other kind of printing.

Create new visuals for multiple product lines, packaging design and print management for 90 SKUs.

  • Strategy

    Design Direction, Printing Type, Market Research

  • Design

    Packaging Design, Print Prepress, Flexography Printing

01 // Project overview

Flexography printing packaging type

Since packaging design is a challenging process, we designed a unique workflow to optimise the creative process and communication with clients. This process includes detailed project briefing, defining visual direction together with the client, optimising all packaging design elements, texts and print management. Our goal is to deliver the final printed and packaged product that perfectly matches the 3D graphic model prototype.

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