Senso’s First Branding Review on Clutch

Branding for Scaling Companies

Branding is a multi-stage process that needs to conform to the specific situation that the business finds itself in. It’s common for companies to outgrow their identity once they scale to a certain point.

This process can arguably be more difficult than a complete rebrand because there’s nothing wrong with the current brand. It just doesn’t serve the company’s purposes as well as it should. There’s a real danger of alienating the existing audience that already likes the brand as it is.

This was the problem that our client was going through. They needed a brand that can be used both in domestic and international markets. The challenges of pulling this off are quickly apparent, but we were confident in being able to meet them.

The Scope and Result

The scope of the project included logo design, product naming, and content creation. We were also put in charge of creating brochures, posters, packaging, web design, SEO and digital marketing for the business.

At the end of the project, the client very graciously  wrote this review for us on Clutch. This review allowed Senso Creative to be named as the best designers in Belgrade, according to Clutch.

While we can’t share everything in detail of the process we can discuss the keys we utilized to bring about this successful result.

Intuition and Understanding

The secret to any successful branding effort is to appeal to the psychology of the target market(s). This part is basic marketing, but making the whole thing feel organic is only possible through experience of multiple years in the industry. Whatever holes remain in our understanding can be shored up with competent research.

We put a lot of attention into the kind of questions we have to ask of both the client and industry in order to cover as many bases as possible. The effectiveness of any branding campaign can depend as much on knowing the things where their weaknesses as well as their strengths. This mental approach allowed our team to deliver a complete solution that impressed the client.

Reliability through this understanding has become our trademark over the years. You can visit our website to learn more about our services and decide if we’re the team for you.